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The IT sphere is an extremely fast-growing industry. What is it about? Simply put, IT is a set of various methods of working with information, its collection, storage, processing, transmission, etc. The world of information technology is full of opportunities and offers for the people involved in it. In the Bronx, this field is constantly developing and improving, so specialists can always find work here. We will tell you more about the fascinating industry in the borough of New York in our material on

Comfortable conditions for learning and development

The good opportunities created here contribute to the active promotion of the computer sphere in the borough. There are many educational institutions that train specialists, as well as various programs for the implementation of thematic projects and startups. Local authorities and private organizations are aware of the prospects of this direction and the feasibility of its development, so they actively sponsor it.

New IT companies with great results regularly appear in the borough. For example, in 1954, the first store of the famous manufacturer Commodore was opened here. The company has earned the title of leader in the computer world.

When the company Webvan Group Inc. expanded, it also chose the Bronx. A global Internet company represents the food business and is famous for the possibility of convenient online purchases. It has located its large distribution center here. For many business representatives, the Bronx is a desirable location because of its high opportunities and prospects.

Famous residents of the Bronx who contributed to the development of the local IT

Numerous prominent local residents also contributed to the development of the sphere. The IT industry is full of talented professionals who originated from the Bronx.

Larry Tesler was a computer scientist who made the process of working with computers easier and more understandable. He developed the well-known combination Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V (copy/paste), which is known to all users in the modern world. Tesler was engaged in the creation of a user interface, which made it possible to use all kinds of commands, graphic images and other things to make a personal computer easy to use. His name is known and respected by all representatives of the computer technologies sphere.

Larry Ellison is another prominent name in the industry. The Bronx native was co-founder and chairman of Oracle. The corporation is the second-largest software developer by financial revenue and one of the biggest representatives of information technologies in the world. It is also a huge supplier of server equipment. Over the years of his activities, the entrepreneur contributed greatly to the fact that the company achieved world recognition and global success.

These are just a few of the many famous figures in the Bronx. Each of them inspired subsequent generations to achieve more, proving the world of information technologies as exciting, useful and full of opportunities.

IT everywhere

The IT sphere is necessary in today’s world. Computers are used in almost every known field.

For example, the Bronx Zoo offers virtual tours and online ticketing. Similar services are available on the official websites of local universities, libraries, movie theaters, and more. This contributes to increasing the tourist attraction and significance of the borough. Residents and guests of the Bronx have the opportunity to perform the necessary actions without leaving their homes. They have this chance thanks to talented and ambitious representatives in the field of information technologies. The Bronx does not stand still and is always in line with modern trends.

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