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Smart Choices: CTO Services Guiding Startups in Choosing the Right Technology Stack

Any project owner may mistakenly think that it will be successful if it is taken on by an experienced development team. However, when it comes to a solution with an unsustainable business model, an extensive set of technical skills may not be enough. As a result, at best, you will delay its launch due to numerous alterations, and at worst, you will not be able to withstand the competition even in the initial stages. No, we are not scaring you, we just want to offer you a preventive measure that will reduce the risk of failure to a minimum.

All You Need Is Simply Provide End-to-End Supervising Of Your Technical Team

Actually, a brief solution to the above problem has already been demonstrated in the title above. It is only important to understand which specialist will take on the task of supervision. In particular, we mean virtual chief technology officer. An expert who, in addition to a wide range of technical skills, also has a comprehensive business vision. As a result, the comprehensive approach to managing your specialists that this person can provide will allow them to act coherently to achieve maximum return on all your investments.

At the same time, you should understand that local hiring can take a lot of time – the thing is that really good specialists usually have full-time jobs and even if they are currently looking, most likely their rates will be quite high. In turn, even if you manage to hunt such a valuable talent, it can cause significant damage to your budget. That’s why you should consider cooperation according to the CTO as a service for business model. In particular, by choosing CTO services you get all the same advantages as with a local expert, since you can approve any schedule convenient for you, be it a full-time working day or the required number of hours per week or per month upon request. In all other respects, through CTO consulting services you receive all the same skills that an in-house specialist can offer you, including:

  • Business sense
  • Leadership skills
  • Effective communication
  • Decision-making skills
  • Ability to conduct research
  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to employ tech talent

Thus, CTO as a service is an excellent solution for projects with a limited budget – it is only important to find a reliable digital supplier who would be located in a region where the average market rates for the services of IT specialists are lower than in the region where your business operates.

In particular, to search for CTO as a service for startups, you can use independent platforms with reviews like, as well as regular Google searches and recommendations from your friends (if they have ever dealt with a virtual chief technology officer).

Last Words

Now you know how outsourced CTO as a service can reduce the risks of missing your project deadline and its overall unprofitability. If you want to find out the exact CTO as a service cost for your startup, feel free to contact us. We will also help you outsource a chief technology officer from our talent pool to lay a solid foundation for the future success of your software solution.

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