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Achievements of the world of information technologies are involved in almost every known activity. They help make the user experience more convenient, easier and faster. We buy various tickets online, book accommodation, go on virtual tours and much more. Thanks to IT, people have the opportunity to perform many actions without leaving home. All such benefits are available to Bronx residents. After all, the borough of New York has a well-developed information technology industry, which can be found everywhere. They are also involved in the museum business. We will tell you more about the close relationship between computers and museums in our material. Read about it on

What technologies do Bronx museums use?

Intelligent use of the potential of information technologies in museum work is an important part of the development of each institution and the entire cultural and tourist sphere. Museums require constant development and compliance with modern trends. The miracles of the IT sphere help in this. People prefer to spend their time wisely and stay in comfortable conditions. The introduction of computer-aided design helps to achieve this. The Bronx is acutely aware of this. Various services are available on the official websites of local museums and in the institutions, such as information kiosks, virtual tours, projections and much more. An important mission is the preservation of the museum’s identity and the successful implementation of modern technologies. Due to this, the interest of the public in visiting such institutions increases together with the level of education of the population. In addition, the use of such aids makes it possible to interest representatives of various ages, including children. Bronx museums are an important aspect of the cultural, tourism and educational life of the borough.

Bronx museums and computer wonders

Let’s talk more closely about some museums in the Bronx.

One of the most famous local institutions is the Bronx Museum of the Arts. The museum specializes in modern types of American art. Tickets can be purchased on its official website. An interesting service is also offered, namely a virtual tour. Every visitor to the website has the opportunity to view a 360-degree virtual version of Shaun Leonardo’s exhibition. Such options are also available for other showrooms. This service is a great way to get acquainted with modern art at a time and pace convenient for you. Even such a virtual visit to the world of art helps to expand one’s horizons and learn something new.

When talking about the Bronx, it is impossible not to mention hip-hop culture. The famous Hip-Hop Museum was opened here, so you can learn many interesting facts about this musical direction. The official website is also filled with lots of offers. One can buy tickets, sign up for an excursion and fill out questionnaires for participation in various programs and internships online. The local curatorial group together with the Google Arts & Culture organization made a virtual presentation of the [R]Evolution of Hip-Hop exhibition. Initially, it was timed for Black History Month.

Such virtual museums are a unique opportunity to interest the public, offer information about the institution and provide a chance for a real visit. It is worth remembering that the online format does not replace real life but plays a supporting role.

The Bronx is a borough of New York that always keeps up with time and follows fashion trends. That’s why almost every local institution uses modern technological solutions. This is done for the comfort of the citizens.

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