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How to quickly and easily arrange transportation of less-than-truckloads?

Often, situations arise where you need to transport goods that cannot be sent by regular mail and do not fall under the category of standard cargo. Such goods are referred to as small-sized, requiring a different approach from the service provider. Divine Enterprises offers various types of transportation services. Here, you can order both the transportation of oversized cargo and small-sized or special goods. However, before doing so, entrepreneurs need to know certain rules to ensure safe transportation.

How to ensure safe transportation of less-than-truckloads?

The transportation company must ensure the safe transportation of any goods. Regarding small-sized goods, it is necessary to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Transport safety. The company must provide a reliable vehicle that meets technical specifications.
  • Packaging reliability. The cargo compartment should ensure the integrity of the packaging of the goods.
  • Availability of containers. Often, goods from the “special” category need to be transported in separate containers to preserve their characteristics and shelf life.
  • Certification. The carrier must have the necessary documents guaranteeing the safe transportation of less-than-truckloads.
  • Experience. Truck drivers should have extensive experience behind the wheel and be skilled in working with various types of equipment.
  • Customer approach. Divine Enterprises guarantees an individual approach to all orders, ensuring the reliability of each delivery.

If the cargo is fragile, it is essential to ensure that the carrier guarantees the integrity of the delivery. For example, glass products should be transported with special care, and they should be taken out of the cargo compartment cautiously. For convenience, the vehicle should have double doors to ensure a safe and reliable process.

Why is it worth choosing Divine Enterprises?

Divine Enterprises guarantees the safe and reliable transportation of any cargo. The carrier transports small-sized goods with special care, adhering to all standards and norms.

Other advantages of this company include:

  • Individual approach to each customer;
  • Adherence to transportation standards;
  • Reliable conditions for transportation;
  • Delivery speed;
  • Availability of technical documentation;
  • Modern technologies – convenient order status monitoring;
  • Specialized equipment for transportation.

Moreover, Divine Enterprises implements an ecological approach to transporting goods. The company adheres to environmental standards to guarantee not only customer satisfaction but also the cleanliness of the environment.

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