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Custom Software Maintenance Services by SSA Group

The use of software allows you to automate a wide variety of business processes in various areas of companies – from logistics, warehouse accounting, sales, customer relationships to budgeting and cost accounting.

SSA Group provide support for:

  • software designed for the work of individual employees;
  • necessary to automate the operation of the entire enterprise.

The stability and efficiency of information systems: corporate portals, ERP, CRM, SCM class systems, analytical enterprise and personnel management systems, specialized software solutions depend on the stability and efficiency of the entire enterprise.

Support and maintenance of the software package is one of the key processes to ensure the smooth operation of the company. However, only highly specialized highly qualified personnel can provide support, the maintenance of which in the state requires significant costs.

By contacting SSA Group, you will reduce the cost of supporting the work of the company, while maintaining confidence that the service will be performed by qualified experts.

Software maintenance service includes:

Installation and removal of software

Installation and configuration taking into account the information security requirements of the software on the computers of new users. If necessary— uninstall programs.

Technical support

Qualified support based on the requests of the technical specialists of the customer company. It includes consultations on installation and uninstall, use, configuration, software administration, problem solving and recovery. It also includes coordinating the relationship with the software developer.

Program administration

Administration is a set of services for configuring the configuration and maintenance of software systems to ensure reliable uninterrupted operation. Administration also includes software access management and other security aspects, solving problems related to the compatibility of various applications and other services.

The list of applications and software complexes that SSA Group maintain:

  • operating systems;
  • system software;
  • utilities;
  • software solutions for database management;
  • application software;
  • universal application software;
  • browsers and mobile apps;
  • mail programs and mail systems in general;
  • virus and spam protection software;
  • corporate information systems that are not linked to industry activities (SCM, ERP, BI, CRM and others);
  • document management and accounting support systems.

The experience of supporting various software systems allows SSA Group to guarantee the benefits of cooperation:

  • software maintenance according to uniform standards, regardless of the location of the company’s offices, production and warehouse bases, where users of software complexes work;
  • guarantee of compliance with the deadlines for processing applications and solving problems;
  • the ability to quickly access intellectual, technological and other professional resources;
  • the use of modern legacy maintenance service technologies according to standards based on information technology infrastructure libraries.

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